Check Out MindBodyGreen

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered the website MindBodyGreen and was hooked. The site offers a “guide to wellness” focusing on health, fitness, happiness, and relationships. Be sure to check it out! You can even add your email address to be signed up for their free inspirational newsletter. There are plenty of great ideas there to get you started on living your best life!


Life Experiences, Not Things, Make You Happier


In case you were wondering what to spend your tax return on, you may want to avoid the mall and look into a fulfilling experience instead! Researchers have discovered, unsurprisingly, that people tend to spend their money on material goods, assuming that goods are of higher “value.” In reality, our long-term happiness depends more on experiences than on our possessions, which typically only deliver instant gratification. Consider purchasing a vacation package, trying a new activity for the first time, or even spending that money volunteering or taking a fun class.

Check out the article and video here:

10 Keys to Happier Living


10 Keys to Happier Living

I came across this recently and found it to be a perfect fit for this blog. It summarizes 10 key points to happiness and is based on current research and findings that these points consistently aid in one’s well-being (though obviously everyone is different). The first five deal with our interactions with the outside world, while the second group of five deals with interactions within ourselves. I have touched on some of these on my blog before, though I’d like to focus on the others soon. There are definitely some areas in my life that I need to work on in order to improve my own happiness, so this list will hopefully be a good reminder to do so. Each point can be summarized in the link above. Be sure to check it out — it’s a great website with a great goal!

Photo credit: Action for Happiness