Consider Adding a Second Job

part time job

Two incomes are better than one, right? If you find that you are actively saving money, but still do not seem to have as much as you’d like, consider picking up a part-time job. If you work a regular 9-5 during the week, consider finding something for one day over the weekend and/or a few shifts at night during the week. Do not over-commit yourself, however, and be sure to determine the amount of time that works best with your schedule. Also, be careful to not let your second job interfere with your primary job and do not let it take over your life in that you do not have time to spend with you family and friends or do the things that you find fulfilling. Balance is important.

Having a second job not only provides you with extra income, it will also provide you with an additional set of skills as well as potential contacts and references for the future. It also provides some income security in case you lose your primary job for whatever reason, or it could lead to a new job entirely if you decide to take it on full-time. A second job may also open up your social life or allow you to enjoy more of a favorite hobby, if you start a job doing something that you already enjoy doing. For example, I work part-time as a scuba divemaster on top of my regular 9-5 job. I typically help out with about one class a month, which equals about 4-5 evenings per month. It’s not much, but it’s something that I enjoy doing anyway, since scuba diving is my favorite hobby, and it has allowed me to meet a variety of new people, including new friends and dive buddies. Plus most of the money that I’ve made for the classes I’ve put toward maintaining my scuba gear (costs that I’d have to incur anyway), since I also get a discount for working for the dive shop. It has also given me plenty of experiences that I’ve been able to talk about in an interview for a new job that I received, since my primary job is not a people-oriented position (and the new job that I received is).

If you are hoping to save up for a certain goal or vacation, pay off some of your debt, or simply  put away more money than you are currently putting away, consider getting a part-time job for a few hours a week. It may not sound like may, but will definitely add up!