Bucket List Item Completed: Triathlon

complete a triathlon

Awhile back, I posted about signing up for a race, and today was the day! I hadn’t completed a triathlon before and it has been on my bucket list, so I decided to finally go for it. Training didn’t go as well as I’d like, since I’ve been busy preparing for a new job (starting Monday) and packing for a big move, so I ended up mostly just winging it. It was a sprint triathlon (this one had a 250m swim, 17-mile bike ride, and 5k run), so it was a good beginner race. I am a runner, so I wasn’t too worried about that portion, but only practiced swimming once (oops!) and don’t have the right kind of bike (mine is a hybrid and I didn’t feel like purchasing a road bike just for this, since it was more of a practice; I’ll definitely invest in better equipment for my next one), so I didn’t feel extremely prepared but my goal was just to finish it.

I made sure to arrive very early, since this was my first time. The transition area wasn’t too intimidating and I was able to get assistance from several other participants nearby, who were extremely helpful in making me to feel more comfortable. The swimming part was in open water in a lake, which was a bit of a challenge for me, but I didn’t stop at all, so I was happy about that. The biking portion was terrible for me because of my lack of appropriate bike. Participants were encouraging me along the way though and acknowledging my difficult bike. The run was the easiest part for me. Overall, it was a fun experience and I’m definitely glad that I did it. I’m looking forward to do another one at some point soon!


Sign Up for a Race: Follow-Up

So a little over a week ago, I suggested that you should sign up for a race if you didn’t already have something that you’re training for. Did you do it?

I decided that I needed to follow my own advice, so I signed up for my first triathlon! My last half marathon was in April and I did a 5K for my roommate’s non-profit organization this month, but didn’t have a new event to train for this summer. Completing a triathlon is something that is on my bucket list, so I figured that I should attempt to do it! I have my own running gear and a bike (which needs some extra air in the tires…), but needed the proper swimming gear, so I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods the other day and purchased a set of goggles, a swim cap, and a one-piece bathing suit.

DSC_0743 (2)

Now let’s get started with training!

Sign Up for a Race

I don’t care what level of fitness you’re at; I want you to find a local race (running, biking, swimming, anything) and sign up for it if you don’t already have something that you’re training for. Right now. Search active.com or simply perform a Google search on the race type of your choice, depending on your current level of fitness (sign up for a 5k if you’re a beginner, sign up for a half-marathon if you’ve already been training for awhile, sign up for a biking or swimming event if you hate running). Having something to train for increases the likelihood that you’ll stay motivated and continue with your training. Look into following an online training schedule so that you can stay on track while avoiding injuries. Get a friend to sign up as well; having someone to train with may also increase your motivation. I know that some races can be expensive (try to find one within your budget; some local races cost $20 or less), but like I’ve said before, some things are worth it. And your health definitely is. Plus you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment at the culmination of your race. Perhaps you’ll even be able to check something off of that bucket list of yours.

You’re still reading this. Have you done it yet? No? Do it.