My Travel Map and Bucket List

My Travel Map can be viewed here:

Here are my Bucket List items (completed items are in color and are usually my actual photos while uncompleted are in gray and taken from the internet):


scuba dive go skydiving go kayakinggo on a cruise fly a planego indoor rock climbing go rappelling go whitewater rafting play paintballvisit a volcano ride in a helicoptergo bungee jumpingguns2 race a car on a track take a tour of a haunted house travel in a submarine go on a hot air balloon ride get a motorcycle licensego to the moon OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA complete a polar bear plungefire walk hang glide learn to ski or snowboard


run a half marathon run a marathon complete a triathlon complete an ironman 50 states hike the highest peak in each stateclimb mount everest


see the grand canyon visit las vegas visit yosemitevisit the everglades (2) go on an alaskan cruise go to mardi gras in new orleans stand in four states at once visit arches national park visit mount rushmore  visit wineries in napa valley visit yellowstone national park road trip across the usa visit all 50 states


visit australia go on an african safari see the dome of the rocksee machu picchu visit italy madagascar ride a camel in egypt ride an elephant in thailand see the northern lights see the pyramids in egypt visit antarctica visit india visit komodo national park visit new zealand visit the amazon rainforest visit the galapagos backpack throughout europe Visit all 7 continents


learn a martial art graduation graduate college with honorslab langauge  learn to bartendmusical instrument obtain a pilot certification photoshoprubik's write a book


milk a cow get a tattoo weddingstart a blogbe on a reality tv show be part of a flash mob be part of an eating competition couch surf  get my palms read

Scuba Diving:

go wreck diving go ice diving go cavern divingcage dive with great white sharks scuba dive on the great barrier reef divemasterscuba dive with sharks eel see a barracudasee a sea turtle see a stingray see an octopussnorkel with manatees seeawhaleshark instructor scuba dive in an aquarium scuba dive with seals see a manta ray  see a seahorse see schooling hammerheads alligator crocodiledive with sharks in fiji zombie


14 thoughts on “My Travel Map and Bucket List

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  2. These are some great bucket list items – and I love the concept of using color photos for ones you’ve completed and gray ones for those you haven’t . I visited New Zealand and Australia a few years ago – I always tell people that Australia is overrated and New Zealand is underrated. If you go, check out Roturua. Known as Sulpher City, this NZ city smells pretty bad but the water is bright yellow – pretty crazy. Good luck with your bucket list!

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  6. Again, seeing someone else’s list makes me realise just how much I’ve already achieved 🙂 but also gives me some GREAT ideas for others too. I do hope you weren’t disappointed when you visited us here in Australia – we have a lot of spectacular places to see and things to do 🙂 Cheers!

    • I absolutely loved Australia! I spent two weeks volunteering with a group called International Student Volunteers at a wildlife park outside of Sydney, which was awesome, and then spent another two weeks on an “Adventure Tour” and was able to visit Sydney, Byron Bay, Whitehaven Beach (the most beautiful beach I’ve seen so far), and Cairns. I was even lucky enough to go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef — what a treat! I’d love to go back to explore more of Australia at some point 🙂

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