14 thoughts on “My Travel Map and Bucket List

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  2. These are some great bucket list items – and I love the concept of using color photos for ones you’ve completed and gray ones for those you haven’t . I visited New Zealand and Australia a few years ago – I always tell people that Australia is overrated and New Zealand is underrated. If you go, check out Roturua. Known as Sulpher City, this NZ city smells pretty bad but the water is bright yellow – pretty crazy. Good luck with your bucket list!

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  6. Again, seeing someone else’s list makes me realise just how much I’ve already achieved 🙂 but also gives me some GREAT ideas for others too. I do hope you weren’t disappointed when you visited us here in Australia – we have a lot of spectacular places to see and things to do 🙂 Cheers!

    • I absolutely loved Australia! I spent two weeks volunteering with a group called International Student Volunteers at a wildlife park outside of Sydney, which was awesome, and then spent another two weeks on an “Adventure Tour” and was able to visit Sydney, Byron Bay, Whitehaven Beach (the most beautiful beach I’ve seen so far), and Cairns. I was even lucky enough to go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef — what a treat! I’d love to go back to explore more of Australia at some point 🙂

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