The Power of Listing Your Goals

The questionnaire

I’ll admit it; I’ve been in a rut lately. I haven’t been working out, eating right, reading, or catching up with people as much as I’d like to. My new job (and essentially lifestyle change) has definitely kept me busy with new activities and travel, but I found myself getting worn down and actually sick due to neglecting my body and inner peace.

I decided to take action and made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish this month. I tried to include goals for different aspects of my life (ex. family & friends, diet, exercise, mind). It included running at least one 6-mile run (which used to be a piece of cake for me last year, but now I struggle to even run 4 miles), run one 3-mile run in under 24 minutes (again, this used to be easy…), eliminate airplane food (other than salads and fruits) from my diet, eliminate fast food and reduce carbs and sugar intake, reunite in person with one old friend, read two new books, write two new blog posts (this is my third this month!), visit my dad and grandma (about a 4-hour drive north), and have a “ladies’ night” with my roommates. Well, the month is just about halfway through and I have accomplished almost every single goal! I just need to complete that 3-mile run in under 24 minutes and continue to eat healthy. While I am sure that I would have been able to motivate myself to do these things otherwise, I think that having a checklist definitely helped me to stay on top of them and remind me of what I would like to be doing.

Writing out your goals serves as a constant reminder for yourself and is a great method of organization and time-management. It can also boost your self-confidence as you check items off of your list. By following through with your goals, you may find yourself getting into better shape, losing weight, improving your health, stimulating your mind, saving money, or increasing overall fulfillment by spending quality time with people you love or doing activities that you enjoy.

Have you found that making lists helps you to accomplish your goals? I challenge you to formulate a checklist for the remainder of the month with just some simple goals that you’d like to accomplish. Try to keep them simple and within reach. I also made a list of things that I’d like to do before the end of the year. Try it out!


Image credit: James Madison University


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