Save Money on Moving Costs


I recently accepted a new job (which I’m currently in training for and is the reason that I’ve been neglecting my blog lately…) that requires me to relocate. I do not know where I’ll be based and I had a lease ending in North Carolina, so I had to come up with the best solution for moving my belongings. My family lives in New York and Florida, and I was not given much time to pack my things and move them to either location before heading to training, so I packed up everything that I owned and debated whether or not to pay for storage and eventually rent a U-haul to drive to my new location, or come up with other ideas for selling/donating my larger items. After carefully thinking through all of  my options, I decided that the cheapest and most convenient plan was to sell all of my large items (mattress, dresser, etc.) and attempt to fit all of my belongings into my car. I used Craigslist, which was actually quite successful, and donated many of my older clothes to the Good Will. Now that everything could successfully fit into my car, I had to think about either getting storage for it, leaving it with someone, or having my parents come to pick it up. Thankfully, my dad kindly offered to fly to North Carolina (using some of his Skymiles) and drive the car to New York for me, where I will reunite with it after training and drive it to my new location. What a great guy!

This process was quite stressful for me, especially as I didn’t know where I would be based. Convenience and affordability were very important to me, so I took plenty of time to research all of my options before the move. U-hauls can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re moving several states away, which I am going to have to do. Storage options weren’t too pricey, but try to consider alternatives such as storing your things with friends or family, or selling some of your items instead. While I will probably have to purchase my large items again, in the end it will be significantly cheaper than the cost of storage and a U-haul. I even made most of the money back on some of the items. If you’re moving, be sure to take plenty of time to plan, if you have it. Look into selling your things on Craigslist or eBay, or even to friends (my former roommate purchased my dresser and washer/dryer, for example). Don’t give up on selling items if you don’t get responses right away. I had to re-post my mattress and adjust the price a few times before I received enough inquiries. Also, when you’re packing up items, do not pay for boxes or storage bins if you can think of other ways to pack. I was able to take a lot of cardboard boxes from work and utilized a lot of my re-useable grocery bags for packing up some smaller items. Also, do not waste money on bubble wrap or other lining options for boxes. Find magazines, newspapers, or use some of your towels and clothing to protect breakable items.

Before a big move, attempt to save up as much as you can in your bank account. Consider having a savings month for the month before the move. Moving can be a huge expense if you’re not prepared for it!

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2 thoughts on “Save Money on Moving Costs

  1. You hit it right on the head. When we were moving from North Carolina to Seattle, WA (and eventually from Seattle to Philadelphia) we asked each other the same question and had the same stresses. We packed as much as we could into two vehicles for the first cross country move and towed them together. The second cross country we decided if it didn’t fit in our car it wasn’t gonna make it. We have been in Philly for about 7 weeks now. The best part of the experience was without a doubt selling everything in a yard sale the first time and on craigslist the second time.

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