New Job: Flight Attendant


While I’ve been very happy working in my laboratory for the last two years, I couldn’t resist submitting an application for a job as a flight attendant when an airline began hiring a few months ago and I was considering a change of lifestyle. Though my degree and most of my employment experiences are science-focused, I have always dreamed of working in the skies as a flight attendant. I even applied to a different airline right out of college (and wasn’t hired). Though the job requires a lot of flexibility, early mornings, late nights, dealing with stressed/angry/unpredictable passengers, airlines always find themselves with an alarming number of applicants each time a job opening is posted. For many, flying is a stressful experience that people dread having to do for a vacation, let alone as a career choice, but for many more, such as myself, flying opens the doors to exploring a wide variety of new cities and meeting a large number of new people. The career offers great travel benefits (flights practically free of cost, hotel discounts, rental car discounts, cruise discounts, flight benefits for family members, etc.), flexibility (with increasing seniority, you can essentially create the exact schedule that you want), time off (regular schedules are 3-4 days on and 3-4 days, so in your time off you can pick up additional trips to work for added income, work a second job, enjoy a new hobby, or utilize the amazing flight benefits) and a network of crew members from all over the world, with plenty of opportunities for meeting new people (both coworkers and passengers)! The process has moved relatively quickly and I’ve been through a series of steps, but I finally received my training date last Friday and will be starting training on July 22nd. Training is for 8 weeks and I do not know where I’ll be based yet, but I am extremely grateful and excited to be starting this new adventure and relocating to a new state. I’m not sure how long I’ll have this as my career (I guess you could say that’s “up in the air” — pun intended), but I’d like to do it for at least a couple of years. From what I’ve heard, it’s a career that people don’t like to leave and always seem to return to, so who knows — the sky’s the limit (apologies for all of the puns)! 🙂


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