Use Less of Your Toiletries


Ever notice while you’re washing your hair that you end up with a lathered excess of product? Yet each day you use the same amount of said product with the same result? It may be common sense, but you can minimize the amount that you use in order to save a lot of money. For many items, we only need a small amount of product for best results; the rest is just wasted. While washing your hair, for example, try using about half of what you normally use. It’s actually better for the health of your hair anyway — you only need to shampoo the roots with a nickel- to quarter-sized portion and the water will rinse the rest of your hair. Try this for other items as well (toothpaste, hand soap, body wash, shaving cream). While brushing my teeth, I tend to squeeze out too much toothpaste. Every. Single. Time. I finally decided to consciously put about half the amount onto my toothbrush, which will extend the lifetime of my toothpaste container. Advertisers actually show a large glob of toothpaste covering the entire toothbrush head in their commercials on purpose, in order to trick you into thinking that you need more toothpaste, which results in more purchases (clever, huh?). A pea-size portion is about what you need. If you think about it, by using half of what you normally use, you will extend the product’s lifetime by about two. That means that you won’t need to purchase the product as much, which will save you plenty of money in the long run. Try to also use your products until they run out, rather than throwing out the bottles or containers when they still have plenty of product within them. Common sense concepts, but things that we may not¬†normally think about!


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