Setting Your Thermostat During the Summer


According to an article on The Daily Green, the average American household spends around $375 on air conditioning each year (about 17% of the total energy bill). The use of an air conditioner can comprise up to 60-70% of your home’s energy consumption during the summer. To save money on energy this summer, an ideal setting point for your thermostat is around 78 degrees. If you are going to be away from home, it can be turned to 85 degrees or turned off. You can reduce cooling costs about 3-5% for each degree above 78 degrees. Ceiling fans can be useful for keeping your place cooler while you are at home as well, and can make a room feel about 5 degrees cooler. They only use up about the same amount of energy as a 100-watt light bulb. You can also wear less clothing, enjoy cold snacks and drinks, limit your use of appliances, and turn off the lights to stay cool this summer!

For summertime energy-saving tips, check out:


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