Sleep on Satin

In my quest for better hair awhile ago, I stumbled across many websites suggesting sleeping on a satin pillowcase, so I figured that I would try it out. My hair is naturally prone to a lot of tangling, especially at night, so when I would wake up in the morning it would be a complete disaster. I invested in an inexpensive satin pillowcase (<$10) on Amazon and definitely noticed a difference in the look of my hair upon waking. Satin allows your hair to move more freely along the pillowcase and prevents rubbing; this can assist in preventing split ends and other damage. Cotton pillowcases (which are highly absorbent) can dry out your hair by robbing moisture from it at night, while satin helps your hair to retain moisture. Some websites also suggest that sleeping on satin is better for preventing facial wrinkles since cotton may cause crease marks. By sleeping on satin, you might improve the look of your hair and your skin!



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