Take More Pictures

You don’t need a fancy digital camera — an inexpensive model or even a good camera phone will suffice. Cameras come with an assortment of features and vary in price, so find one that suits your budget and photography goals. While enjoying the moment and not worrying about capturing the perfect shot can be less stressful, sometimes it’s worth taking the time to take a picture to preserve the memory. Reviewing your photos can help you reflect on that trip that you took years ago, remember that amazing birthday party that you threw for your child or friend, or provide great story opportunities with your friends and family. You can also use your photographs to display as artwork around your home. I have had several of my better vacation photographs displayed in my room and have received many compliments on them. I have also framed some of my photographs of my friends and family to use as gifts for them. I am usually the one in my group of friends that is diligent about taking photos, so they now “rely” on me whenever we have a fun weekend trip or special occasion. Many have expressed that they regret not taking more photos throughout the years, so let’s work on changing that!



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