Learn Something New Each Day

It’s easy to become wrapped up in monotonous routine. When we do essentially the same basic tasks each day, our mind could use additional challenges in order to stay sharp. I want you to take a few minutes out of your day each day and learn something new. This can be as simple as learning a new word or quote, memorizing a state capital, brushing up on geography, searching a topic on howstuffworks.com, starting a course on “Memrise” (I just discovered this website recently, which allows you to take free courses from a variety of areas), or randomly selecting a non-fiction book to read for a bit. You can even sign up for a new class online or at a local college or university. Not only does learning something new broaden your horizons, it can increase your confidence and keep your mind busy. Who knows, it might even help you at the next “trivia night” that you and your friends attend!

We are constantly learning new things each day through our experiences, but I want you to take the effort to look into something that you probably wouldn’t encounter otherwise. It could provide for good conversation with a friend or colleague!

learn something new


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