Sign Up for a Race

I don’t care what level of fitness you’re at; I want you to find a local race (running, biking, swimming, anything) and sign up for it if you don’t already have something that you’re training for. Right now. Search or simply perform a Google search on the race type of your choice, depending on your current level of fitness (sign up for a 5k if you’re a beginner, sign up for a half-marathon if you’ve already been training for awhile, sign up for a biking or swimming event if you hate running). Having something to train for increases the likelihood that you’ll stay motivated and continue with your training. Look into following an online training schedule so that you can stay on track while avoiding injuries. Get a friend to sign up as well; having someone to train with may also increase your motivation. I know that some races can be expensive (try to find one within your budget; some local races cost $20 or less), but like I’ve said before, some things are worth it. And your health definitely is. Plus you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment at the culmination of your race. Perhaps you’ll even be able to check something off of that bucket list of yours.

You’re still reading this. Have you done it yet? No? Do it.



2 thoughts on “Sign Up for a Race

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