Save Money on Movies

Everyone likes to splurge every now and then on entertainment, but there are smart ways to do so. If movies are your thing, consider renting them instead of seeing them when they are in theaters. Seeing a movie in the theater typically costs $10 or so per visit (that adds up to $120 per person per year if you see one movie per month; a family of four would save $480 per year). Or if you prefer the cinematic experience of a theater, consider seeing a matinee, signing up for a free movie rewards program, or waiting until the movie makes it to a discount theater that specializes in older movies for lower prices. Waiting not only saves you money, but also lets you get opinions from others as to whether or not the movie might even be worth seeing. Also, be sure to eat before you head to the theater, since prices of snacks and drinks are extremely over-priced (and typically bad for you anyway!) If you really want to snack while you’re there, try to sneak your reusable water bottle and a healthy treat in your bag; though this isn’t normally allowed, most places don’t check and it will save your wallet and your waistline in the long run.

If you rent movies through Redbox, be sure to sign up for their mobile text rewards program and keep an eye out for free rental codes. Though Redbox movies are cheap to rent (less than $2 per night), they can add up if you rent movies frequently. Free codes are offered through their mobile program at least once a month. Avoid buying DVDs if you can; that movie collection may not be worth it. Consider how many movies you purchase and only watch once or twice. If you want to purchase DVDs, consider buying them used online. You’ll be surprised at how much you save, since most movies cost around $20. You can also swap movies that you already own with friends or family members.

Though these are common sense approaches to saving money on movies, sometimes people forget to utilize them and it can end up saving a lot of money in the long run!



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