Plan a Fun Weekend

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? Are there any free local events that you would like to attend? How about that museum that you’ve been meaning to check out? Find some time this weekend to do something that you’ve been meaning to do. Perhaps locate your bucket list and look into something fun within your budget! For example, I’m heading to Florida this weekend for my favorite hobby: scuba diving. I’ll be diving in some quarries and springs, but I’ve always wanted to check off “snorkel with manatees” from my bucket list, so I’ve made the effort to finally do so. I own snorkeling gear, so the cost of snorkeling at Crystal River with the amazing creatures will only be $30 ($50 if you need to rent gear). The local quarries and springs for diving only require small park fees. I’m driving down with a friend to save money on gas and we have found affordable lodging for our budget. I’ll let you know how the adventure goes!



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