Sign Up for Travel Rewards Programs

If you travel at all, it might be a good idea to sign up for free travel rewards programs. For example, if you ever stay in hotels, (a common site for hotel bookings) offers a free rewards account that grants a free stay in a hotel after 10 nights (this can be ten 1-night purchases, one 10-night purchase, etc. and is equal to the average cost of your hotel stays). Many online booking sites have similar benefits, so sign up for whichever one you use most often. If you are spending money on lodging for business or pleasure anyway, you might as well reap the reward of a free night every now and then! For airline travel, consider signing up for rewards programs through any airlines that you use most often (ex. Delta Skymiles, Southwest Rapid Rewards, U.S. Airways Dividend Miles) or several of them, since most programs are free anyway and points might not expire. If you like cruises, some cruise lines offer rewards for returning customers. Just remember to enter your frequent flyer information any time you book (even if you book through an external site like Expedia or Priceline) to maximize rewards. Before you know it, you could have a free flight or cruise!



2 thoughts on “Sign Up for Travel Rewards Programs

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