The Lion King Quotes

A lot of my favorite inspirational quotes come from the movie The Lion King.

“It’s the circle of life and it moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love, ‘til we find our place on the path unwinding.”

“Ah, yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.”

“Remember who you are…”

“Hakuna matata: it means no worries.”

If you find yourself feeling down, try to remember that sometimes life is tough and there is no sense worrying about it. There are going to be ups and downs; we simply need to learn what we can from them. In attempting to live your best life, try to remember these concepts!

hakuna matata


Get CPR and First Aid Certified

Years back, I was required to obtain my CPR and First Aid certifications from the American Red Cross for a part-time job at my university’s fitness center. I’ve renewed the certifications for several of my scuba diving certifications (Rescue Diver and Divemaster) as well. Knowing how to properly handle a medical emergency is, in my opinion, one of the most important skill sets that you can develop. While you will hopefully never need to utilize those skills, quickly and effectively responding to a dangerous situation may save a person’s life. During the course, you will learn how to assess the scene of an emergency, when to call 911, how to determine what care the victim needs, and the signs and symptoms of heart attack, stroke, and common illnesses. If you are already certified, consider brushing up on your skills through either a refresher class or by reviewing your class materials. Courses are offered frequently and typically only last for a few hours. They cost less than $100 (you might even be able to get a discount or have the class paid for through your current job).

You can find more information here:


Sleep on Satin

In my quest for better hair awhile ago, I stumbled across many websites suggesting sleeping on a satin pillowcase, so I figured that I would try it out. My hair is naturally prone to a lot of tangling, especially at night, so when I would wake up in the morning it would be a complete disaster. I invested in an inexpensive satin pillowcase (<$10) on Amazon and definitely noticed a difference in the look of my hair upon waking. Satin allows your hair to move more freely along the pillowcase and prevents rubbing; this can assist in preventing split ends and other damage. Cotton pillowcases (which are highly absorbent) can dry out your hair by robbing moisture from it at night, while satin helps your hair to retain moisture. Some websites also suggest that sleeping on satin is better for preventing facial wrinkles since cotton may cause crease marks. By sleeping on satin, you might improve the look of your hair and your skin!


Evaluate Your Gym Membership

How often do you use your gym membership? The average cost of a gym membership is $55 per month, or $660 a year. The annual cost is usually more with a start-up fee and possible maintenance fees. According to Statistic Brain, the average gym member only frequents the gym two times per month and 67% of people end up not using their membership. According to a survey from, 2/3 of adults in the United States made a New Year’s resolution to become fit, but 73% of those people gave it up before achieving their goal. If you find that you are one of the few that do make use of your membership and find that you prefer a gym to working out outside or at home, by all means, continue your membership, since your well-being is worth the money. If you do not use your membership, consider canceling it (or motivating yourself to go more often) and spending more time outside for your workouts (biking, running, walking, swimming), since getting outdoors is beneficial for you as well. If your apartment complex, college, or employer offers a free gym membership, take advantage of that, even if it doesn’t offer exactly what you’d like. You can also follow free workouts online or on TV and learn some new workouts from friends for extra motivation. If there is a particular piece of equipment that you really enjoy, consider buying it used, which will most likely be cheaper than a yearly gym membership (my family purchased a treadmill at the Salvation Army years ago, which has been a great investment). You may also want to consider spending that money on signing up for a race every other month instead, which might be cheaper than the membership and may motivate you to work out more anyway. By canceling your gym membership, you will also save money on gas from the travel to and from the gym (unless you walk or bike).

I recently evaluated my gym membership and decided to cancel it; I was spending $45/month but only really using it for a fitness class 1-2 times a week that I really enjoyed. After going to the same class for months, I have learned how to do most of the moves at home with just a set of weights and a resistance band. While I miss the social environment of the class, I have found that I push myself harder when I’m alone and am actually getting better results. All of my runs are usually outside or at a free fitness center at my apartment complex, which only offers two treadmills, a stationary bike, an elliptical, and two weight machines, but is usually empty and convenient. I also enjoy not being tied down to a particular time each week for a fitness class. I realized that I wasn’t able to go as much as I’d like, due to other commitments. My gym was about a 10-minute drive away, so gas costs definitely added up as well.

If you do cancel your gym membership, be sure to continue to find ways to motivate yourself to stay in shape, since maintaining your health is one of the more important ways to live your best life!


Weekend Update: Texas


So I hadn’t been able to update my blog as much as I would have liked the last few days, but I was visiting some of my college friends in Texas for Memorial Day Weekend! I haven’t been to Texas before, so it got me one step closer to seeing every state (as part of my bucket list). In my short time there, I was able to visit Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth. We went to a rodeo at Fort Worth and I learned how to two step at Billy Bob’s: the largest “Honky Tonk” in the world :).


Take More Pictures

You don’t need a fancy digital camera — an inexpensive model or even a good camera phone will suffice. Cameras come with an assortment of features and vary in price, so find one that suits your budget and photography goals. While enjoying the moment and not worrying about capturing the perfect shot can be less stressful, sometimes it’s worth taking the time to take a picture to preserve the memory. Reviewing your photos can help you reflect on that trip that you took years ago, remember that amazing birthday party that you threw for your child or friend, or provide great story opportunities with your friends and family. You can also use your photographs to display as artwork around your home. I have had several of my better vacation photographs displayed in my room and have received many compliments on them. I have also framed some of my photographs of my friends and family to use as gifts for them. I am usually the one in my group of friends that is diligent about taking photos, so they now “rely” on me whenever we have a fun weekend trip or special occasion. Many have expressed that they regret not taking more photos throughout the years, so let’s work on changing that!


Learn Something New Each Day

It’s easy to become wrapped up in monotonous routine. When we do essentially the same basic tasks each day, our mind could use additional challenges in order to stay sharp. I want you to take a few minutes out of your day each day and learn something new. This can be as simple as learning a new word or quote, memorizing a state capital, brushing up on geography, searching a topic on, starting a course on “Memrise” (I just discovered this website recently, which allows you to take free courses from a variety of areas), or randomly selecting a non-fiction book to read for a bit. You can even sign up for a new class online or at a local college or university. Not only does learning something new broaden your horizons, it can increase your confidence and keep your mind busy. Who knows, it might even help you at the next “trivia night” that you and your friends attend!

We are constantly learning new things each day through our experiences, but I want you to take the effort to look into something that you probably wouldn’t encounter otherwise. It could provide for good conversation with a friend or colleague!

learn something new