Drink More Water

Not only is it inexpensive, water is great for your skin and body. You’ve probably heard that you need to drink about eight 8-oz glasses per day, so start doing it! Invest in a large water bottle to bring with you during the day and be sure to re-fill it when necessary. I like nalgene water bottles (http://store.nalgene.com/), though any reusable bottle will do the trick. By purchasing a reusable bottle, you will save money if your normally buy bottled water (you will also help out the environment — an added bonus). Replacing soft drinks and/or juices with water will save you plenty of money (and calories) as well. If water is too “boring” for your taste, try adding lemon or mint to it for some added flavor.

Drinking more water increases energy and decreases fatigue and headache. It also promotes weight loss by making you feel fuller and it removes toxins from the body, improves skin complexion, and even prevents cramps.

Drinking more water can therefore help you save money, look great, and feel great!



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